Arvin Mid Autumn Festival on the eve of the chain share several methods

in Shanghai dragon world, the chain has been numerous Shanghai dragon Er that is to improve the site weight, improve website ranking the most important factors that how do the chain, what methods? Now do general chain method: Links, BBS signature, blog message, do the chain of free blog built, text and so on, I believe you do it for a long time friend should have experienced it, but these methods have been many people with bad, get a lot of Web site message with nofollow tags, even in some mainstream free blogs are added on, then we how to find a good method for the chain

Hello, I am easy to discovery man, tomorrow the Mid Autumn Festival, first I wish you a happy mid autumn festival. Methods today is Shanghai dragon chain, after reading, perhaps you will harvest yo, in fact there are many outside the chain, mainly to see still insisted to execution.

have long been known to everyone, but always ignore it, maybe you are using, this is the bookmark, here are some authoritative Bookmarks: such as Shanghai love collection, YAHOO search, QQ bookmarks, music collection, good network network favorites, intermittent wave collection and so on, we can go jiathis more social sharing tools to see, there are several, the weights are very high. We put our website home page and inside pages are all added to bookmark, this method is very troublesome, pay attention to multiple numbers at the same time, do not use a number. Not only do the chain, but also conducive to the spider crawling, can be said to be very cost-effective, strong execution to try.

said above is to use a bookmark with the chain, there is a is to use classified information, you used did not know, I have been in Yu Wen, easy to use, now a lot of classified information network can publish business information and job information etc.. Here is some weight higher: 58 city, the list of network, Ganji, people network, quickly classified information network 8, Jinti, edeng, so cool baby. In fact, in addition to the many classified information network, and regional recruitment network job site, are free to release information. Hey, someone asked me the website is not a job, not how to do recruitment, this is to say when released don’t it true. These are but the high quality of the chain resources ah, but you have not used. Do not rush to try.

site outside the chain of a variety of methods, such as some promotional video upload video. At the same time space can also be published diary. These are the source of the chain, like tudou贵族宝贝 and youku贵族宝贝, 56 nets, six rooms, Sina video, search.

third way outside the chain of good quality, but not free, the news, if used properly, very beneficial for website brand promotion and website weight ranking to improve, this method is currently used corporate station more or less personal site. Here a little mention, if you have the strength to try.


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