100 Q & a website optimization Shanghai dragon must know three


sometimes happens, there will be some problems. The tool itself, don’t check for a few more tools to try. With the tools of the query itself is a reference to the official standard.


from the user experience point of view, of course is the quality of the good, the timeliness, popular is the user’s favorite, their original can not write well. But from the angle of Shanghai Dragon said, of course the original article is good, but not so much of the original can be written, so many good articles is also a good choice. In fact, not contradictory, the original content is reproduced boutique + means high quality content is the best part of the original or reproduced.


next to the theme of the previously mentioned 100 questions must know the website optimization Shanghai Dragon (two), here is not long winded, directly into the 100 site optimization question of Shanghai dragon must know the (three):

23, the new search engine to submit to

which is better?

24, what kind of content is a violation of the

21, website promotion and excellent article reproduced original

25, whether the site has influence on the weight of

, a general text, in the normal section of advertising. Two, in the post add chain, especially brush advertising. Three, the content of the website itself involves illegal content. There may be some bad keywords domain name. Look at the specific "love customs news source proposal" and love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm 2.

search engine submission is to quickly make the search engine spiders to crawl sites included, logically speaking, submitted does not make your website. Just add included may. The new general submitted a domain name on the line, a new station on the line because there is still a lot of problems, too many submissions will let the spider crawling more deeply, may let potentialdisadvantages completely unmasked website.

26, mass too much will affect the site’s reputation, the worst case may be blocked

query website, why sometimes the chain number query to

there will be some big problems, so cannot but not revised, the good intention of correcting to make the revision of the plan, not blind to the revision, the purpose of the revision is higher than that of the user experience optimization search. To the legacy of timely investigation problems after revision, and continue to update the website.

? ? The revision of the

in the process of contact in Shanghai Longfeng, everyone will encounter a lot of problems like this or that the wooden Shanghai dragon in order to let everyone know more and more convenient to understand these common problems in the Shanghai dragon, these are often asked to the site to ask Shanghai dragon optimization summary, a total of 100, for the convenience of everyone study, I will be the one to show everyone the answer, if there is insufficient or wrong place, welcome everybody.

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