360 search market share increase even to love Shanghai scheme

two, love Shanghai solutions:


4, from above we can occupy 360 market share in search 19.84% see love, Shanghai accounted for 63.14%, accounted for 10.54% of the three Sogou, the search engine occupies almost the entire search market, other search occupancy ratio is too low is not worth mentioning, believe to see a chart of cnzz, many owners will sit up and take notice of the 360 the search, because it in just a year’s time the love Shanghai 1/3 site, also let love Shanghai dare to ignore our webmaster.

1, for example: take before I love Shanghai right down to a sofa brand network, before there are many words in love in Shanghai on the front page of the table. Every day from Shanghai to the flow of love is about 60 IP or so, when the difference between the day is 30-40 IP, but also do not know what is love Shanghai drop right. I thought I loved Shanghai down the right site to be scrapped, but in my second day habit to check the flow when fine like that, webmaster tools shown above IP15 yesterday, I look after themselves, think the site is a repeat? A look at the results to address the basic keywords road traffic 360, Sogou to a IP. From my personal website data, accounting for 360 share of the search engine is not small. Although compared to love Shanghai, much less, but also can arouse our attention webmaster.

3, see below cnzz9 in the proportion occupied, as shown in figure


1, from the update action love Shanghai this month, the webmaster can see that love in Shanghai slowly to master good, slowly to stationmaster, as shown in figure

2, pictured above is the algorithm mechanism announced in October 28, 2013 that is yesterday, before Shanghai has published a lot of love algorithm announcement of the article, to the webmaster about search engine crawling and indexing methods, mainly to allow owners to provide more and better content to the user, let love catch Shanghai >

recently found that whether the webmaster website is love Shanghai drop right after 360 and Sogou flow from many? According to your site traffic, 360 traffic occupies the entire search engine market 1/5.

, a 360 search market share increased

The search engine market statistics

2, as a webmaster, daily attention to search engine dynamic is essential. For example; which search engine traffic? What search engine search market share? Love Shanghai what kind of new algorithm. In short, as long as the search engine and related information, we will immediately pay attention to. So, the last 360 search has gradually attracted attention, also gradually increase in the range of influence.

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