The three factor analysis of Shanghai’s recent update of love

recently love the upgrade of Shanghai has great influence on many sites, analyzed the reasons for the love of the weekend Shanghai revision of the cause, more requirements for the quality of the site, the content and structure of

content is the value of your site, this relates to the development of the website, the update is timely, text arrangement is appropriate. I propose a few, first, website update should be timely, an article propagation speed is very fast, especially as the fixed source, you do not, others will send. On behalf of the website included fast update frequency efficiency, not necessarily the first collection of it can get good rankings (other factors), but are often the original content. Second keyword density, this problem is bothering you for a long time, keyword density, how to reasonably arrange how to insert, how to save time, after all, sometimes we don’t have so much to do, I think the following can knock on the door

First, the quality of



what is the website quality, from the code for your website if there is more than one code such as JS calls?. The film does not affect the site? Of course! Slow a lot, and the search engines to deal with more time consuming than the other, the love of Shanghai is such a definition, with the same level of website, calls the time is the same, the same is one hour, "a little when dealing with other 300 articles, and your due the amount of code is too high, or every page of Ningbo over too much code, only 150, over the long term, of course, much lower. From that element, that is meta, if each page is repeated, whether in the element that home page column page, page appears several times, need to write separately, the home page is the first page of meta, column page column page meta, page meta page. As the drama class description that certainly does not match in the music class. We all know, let alone exercise after thousands of search engines.

so it will now use tools to check whether your site is the

is now an analysis of three factors:


first, use the JS file, import. Don’t write many times on each page, such as the use of JQ commonly used JS library nobility baby on the server, to reduce their pressure on the server.

second, with the code available control of each page, write separate description. Do meta accurate information, especially the home page, column page, a detailed description of the page do not have too much repetition, according to love Shanghai recommended words, try to repeat the word in 70 bytes (35 words), also is the description of the 30%. Of course, do not repeat the best, only write on their website name, on the back, or do you want to do.

, second:

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