The rain Shanghai dragon ranking worth the webmaster to ponder

2, one-way Links

industry and the related high weight Links, this is probably the main reason for Shanghai’s Phoenix ranking. Because Links are the anchor text for the link of high quality, but only so I think it is not enough to support the Shanghai dragon why may have more than. We have not found a new love Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai guests, that is established by Shanghai Longfeng Dean Robin website, the website one-way links and the rain Shanghai dragon almost, and the quality is also very good. Unidirectional links and Links accumulation is the major way for Shanghai dragon ranking ah.

1, the key word accumulation

search engine optimization industry optimization method master clouds, each one has its own merits. It is said that the rain in just 2 months to do the word Shanghai dragon love Shanghai second, even more than the search engine optimization benchmark Shanghai dragon why. Let me really mixed feelings: there is no permanent first! Many forums and QQ group inside the station are talking about his research and Shanghai Longfeng optimization technique, some say he optimized tricky, some people say that this is just luck. According to the author of view, whether it is the optimization tricks or luck, people can be on the front page more than Shanghai dragon why has his reason, actually we all are not in Shanghai dragon tricks? You search the word on the front page of the Shanghai dragon, which is not a cattle station. Whether they are luck or the optimization technique is indeed love Shanghai drill loopholes, let us analyze the rain exactly what the website cheats in the short 2 months of effort on the captured Shanghai dragon industry benchmark Shanghai dragon why.

finally attention to user experience, domain name registration, website links derived age and site structure and so on are no better than the why and Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon why is Shanghai dragon industry inside >


first saw the rain Shanghai dragon forum, you will find his website title appeared many times the word "dragon", and Shanghai Shanghai dragon why only appeared in a. In addition the description of which rain also appeared several times in the Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon, and is the word not smooth, not into a word, while the Shanghai dragon why is a lot of standard. There are a lot of good position of the station is the accumulation of words, of course many stand up only 1-2 times, so for this problem the author keywords accumulation is really not a good conclusion. With the change of the algorithm, I think it is a good time 1-2, who also don’t know when the next update algorithm will not change, maybe a little stack it out of

One way, up to more than 400 of the 3, about the chain

really is the rain completely overturned, the chain number and Shanghai dragon why ratio too childish, not in an order of magnitude. Check its love Shanghai related domain is only 1000+, while Shanghai dragon why has 100 thousand +.

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