The medical website optimization 5 Tips

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medical website, and many words are more intense competition. The N website is mainly to use the long tail word page ranking, page ranking is also required to have the conditions, site title, description, keywords or key words, the website is able to solve the problem of users (this is very important, related to whether the page can keep long-term, and the whole page ranking) keyword density, do it, if the above are doing very well, has not been a corresponding ranking, then we should not consider doing under the chain of the



medical sites have a lot of words, some of the more is the industry’s top words such as plastic flow, etc. these keywords competition is very intense, don’t try to use new sites to do the ranking of the words, that will hit confidence in itself. Keywords choice, we can maintain a new flagship area keywords, long tail keywords less competitive, step by step, according to the Shanghai area search advantage of love, we have done the first three keywords area, then the area of the top search words we also have great potential. In addition, we do keywords optimization, there must be a plan, step by step to implement, from easy to difficult.

search engine sometimes convulsions, owners should have a good attitude, do normal station, reasonable optimization, what are the. In addition there is mentality of execution, and does not work, optimization is a long and tedious work, to endure loneliness, you have the right direction, are not far from success.

is currently classified information and three party, hit the hot, and the brand word ranking is also good, for their own weight is not high site, we can use these resources to quickly seize the front, enhance the brand advantage. In addition to the classified information, love Shanghai products is good, as long as not too much advertising is almost no problem what.

mentioned above, the medical industry keywords fierce competition, in order to achieve the ideal ranking, link building (chain, chain) is a must. To control weight within the chain within the site, reasonable control site internal resources not only more conducive to the spider in the internal site and to crawl the site keywords ranking is a function; the chain for more external websites on their own website to vote and get the search engine’s approval, can get the search engine rankings is not recognized say

3, choice, not

site link building


4, the rational use of the third party, rapid increase brand awareness

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