The webmaster should know several Shanghai dragon skills

in order to increase the weight of the website, make the search engine more included your web site, you must try to send the chain. But must notice a principle that is "patient". Would rather not also not recklessly, don’t put the chain to easily search engine punishment website. So your site easily affected, and the chain for their site is not large. The quality of the higher the weight of the site outside the chain. A high quality of the chain is better than one hundred low quality chain.

for example my site "10000 source network", if my key to fill "enterprise e-commerce source, source code, source code, classification of information industry portal source……", this is very wrong. Too many categories, each category in the keyword search engine are imitation may be considered to be keyword stuffing. " website source code, download the source code, " written on this fine source at a glance.

4. ALT


> tag pictures

3. directory name

2. sites do not need too many words

is also called "keyword stuffing", refers to the very densely placed keywords in a web page. Generally speaking, if the keyword appears too frequently, will cover other content pages. Although the excessive use of keywords may trigger nobility baby filter (filter), but the more serious problem is difficult to read because of the content of potential losses caused by traffic. If a search found in a page filled with words, so he could barely stay too long in this page.

1. the chain need to pay attention to the quality of the chain

see the title of the article you may ask, Shanghai dragon skills online too much, a search a lot, you can simply use " " to describe the disaster caused by flooding water;. You also need a long and minute statement here? Yes, indeed, but today I of this article is to introduce the experience of all owners, but it’s easy to overlook the skills. The " send some original articles every day; " skills basically can be said to be nonsense, three days, five days can persist, but so long it is impossible (unless it is submitted or Wei Yuanchuang). Here’s what some practical skills of Shanghai dragon.

try to use the column name Pinyin Pinyin name as the name of the directory, most understand, not necessarily English. Say you have sub sections called "company code", then the directory name is best 贵族宝贝 your domain name /qiyeyuanma this form, the search engine will feel your entire website is very compact. The team included favorable, but the user experience is also very good, see the user directory name is that the meaning of source enterprise.

is a search engine keyword stuffing will be punished. It should not make such a mistake.

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