The website is analysis of four main reasons K

first check the website content. The search engine more and more human, is not the first time K went to the popular forums this scold scolding the sympathy. If this time, why not have a good analysis of their website why is K, is the cause of the K in the end appear? They have not done so that search engine optimization think too much things, such as keyword stuffing, hidden links, link and some other related behavior with edge ball. This is the priority among priorities. All of the reasons are to check out here. When you check out, found no cheating, then congratulations, its cause was the probability of K has dropped to 50%.

At the end of the chain is

then check the Links. It is possible to exchange links with you a station for a variety of reasons caused by K. Then bring trouble to their website, so we have to check the state of good friendship, Links caused by K site beyond count. So every day we have to check the time chain. When the check chain had better use several tools to compare, because each tool has the difference of the data returned. With a few more, take a middle value that is not his site is K off, so as to know more clearly Links in the normal state. Write a little wordy you don’t mind.


is the key again. Keyword stuffing, keywords chaos chain are likely to lead to K. Keywords distribution then we should be a reasonable. Keyword stuffing is actually a gray hat behavior is. Because the stack keywords is to increase the site’s keyword density. It is optimized for search engine feeling. Keywords normal distribution method is three to five. Column page is about five. The content page is to do one to two with a few long tail keywords. This distribution method is summed up my own distribution method. This would not be suspected of stack.

. Many people love love in Shanghai before the update a day outside the chain a lot, when the update will take a sudden increase in the number at. As everyone knows, the search engine will think you are to challenge his authority. Do not give you a blow not yanwangye but also in charge of the book of life and death. Some people just have time at the hair of the chain, and a few days did not empty.

site was K are all the most reluctant to see things, including my own website is K several times, but every time the insurance with surprise, finally through their own efforts to return to normal track. So, tell the webmaster, the site was K, the most important thing is to have a calm state of mind. Every time the calm for clear thinking thinking, it helps him smoothly through the dark times. The site is what the K is not a big deal, if you know I haven’t done any cheating, then you must have a very calm heart. If you do, also have a very calm heart. Because it helps you find are the key reasons for K, and then will be improved. So K, what should we do to make the recovery of


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