Think back from the website snapshot


third, to analyze the causes of stagnation website snapshot. Thestagnation, don’t worry, if long time stagnation and love Shanghai included, we must be vigilant, especially with the ranking disappeared. Of course, here to find the reason, mainly is the site of the problem. Is not because of the content of the original included stagnation is not enough, the quality is not high, then look at the chain have what problem, check your site chain there is no problem, there is no death. Find out the problem immediately resolved, is the hard truth.

second, in the snapshot of stagnation, not to overreact as. Some people see their website snapshot stalled nervous, so we must think of what to do to help. Like crazy to do outside the chain, every day hundreds of speed increase; the increase in frequency of update, breaking the original update frequency; some will think is a website template, title, keywords, and major surgery on the site. These are not desirable, will only make the site has been K risk. Often hear inaction, feel very suitable for love Shanghai optimization, according to the usual normal law to do, even if the change is not too large, naturally restored.


website has just recently snapshot recovery, there is a little bit of experience. The snapshot is a mirror site, is also a warning sign in the snapshot of stagnation is not what strange phenomenon today, or it is necessary to pay attention to it.

as a webmaster, the whole Shanghai Longfeng our daily habit of morning will go to check the site. Collect, check the web site of the chain, ranking, and snapshot updates, if a reduced will be depressed all day. We hope that these sites have good symptoms just want him to have a good ranking in the search engine. We want a snapshot of the site is the next day, updated every day, this shows that the weight of the website is very high, very helpful for ranking. Similarly, the snapshot is a warning sign, when the snapshot retrogression or long time stagnation, it is necessary to pay attention to check the website, what is the problem, to solve, otherwise there will be danger of K station. The Chinese shopping guide website ixwebhosting, recently snapshot of stagnation for half a month, the two day was finally restored, there is a little feeling.

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first, love Shanghai algorithm stagnation caused by the adjustment of our website snapshot. Everyone affectionately known as "love Shanghai Baidu", a big reason is love Shanghai to prevent cheating, often adjust the algorithm, like the recent love Shanghai algorithm has been adjusted three times, believe in love is made of this draft in Shanghai. In fact, if this love is not caused by Shanghai snapshot stagnation what terrible, if included in our website or normal if you do not have to worry about it, as long as the adjustment algorithm can come back to normal.

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