Shanghai dragon a Regression content

therefore, when the test of Shanghai to Phoenix, both the content to be scarce, and let the contents of user demand. Purely original for general speaking Shanghai dragon is very difficult. This time how to do? In fact, most of the Shanghai dragon, the original is not the way to win, otherwise it is called Shanghai dragon, but an editor. On the site content, as long as the clever integration of resources will not cause the problem of poor quality content. The key point is to reflect the scarcity of website content is not necessarily the rivalry in text content, reflect the scarcity may have many aspects, such as the structure of the site, the construction of the chain, the chain structure and the beauty of the site and so on, can be reflected in the scarcity of search engine and user level to user behavior on the site can make up for something, such as a website made to look attractive, the title to describe the design well, clear structure is simple, fast and so on.

February 1st, Shanghai announced the Chinese love website development trends report 2013, lifting Chinese referred to the current site of poor ecological environment, the high quality of the site only 4%, 80% of the sites are of low quality sites.

to do the scarcity of resources is very simple, the original can be. Love is the love of Shanghai original content, and 2013 will pay more attention to the protection of original content, also set up a so-called original alliance. Therefore, the original has been a constant theme, but also in the future also is one of the most basic assessment index. However, to cater to the needs of users may not be so simple, it is a real test of Shanghai dragon. Whether the service or product, the user needs not die. But the original does not necessarily demand. A Shanghai dragon may be hard to spend a day a Biechu thousand word article, Shanghai is a scarce resource to see love you at the front of the line, but the user does not buy your account, find the writing sucks, did not solve user problems or meet the needs of users, that is a failure of Shanghai dragon, only for a short period of ranking.

so, what inspired this report for Shanghai Longfeng it? This is to ask ourselves these low quality content is how to. The 80% low quality website, in addition to their ability to operate due to insufficient or inaccurate, believe that there is a large part of Shanghai to Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon dragon made out of the station. In order to Shanghai dragon and Shanghai dragon made out of the station, the purpose of marketing to complete, ranking is everything, but not too much to consider the user experience. Of course there are also some high-quality collection site, the user may demand is also large, but as a result of the acquisition of Shanghai love recognition for garbage sites.

the 80% garbage sites there will be what kind of fate? Of course, fodder can not escape the fate. Love Shanghai database website must have more than 80% of the site to become cannon fodder, shows that less than 20% of the so-called high quality website. These sites can get high quality love recognized by Shanghai, nothing more than two reasons, that is the scarcity of resources and user demand.

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