Shanghai dragon optimization talk about the details of the operation stability of keywords ranking

first, continue to analyze the website user groups to improve the site itself quality. The author of this website before the line to now have been repeated revision, hanging off ads from Taobao single page website before, to hang love Shanghai advertising now, in any way, are built on the basis of analysis of user experience, user groups, specific search behavior needless to say is the study of the users, such as many the user through the search the main keywords of Lantian jade into their site, in order to further enhance the flow and time for the site to increase the value of blood, I also orchestrated a lot of valuable long tail words, writing and taking the opportunity of this station, for example, what is the price of Lantian jade Xi’an Lantian jade? Where to buy? Big wild goose pagoda in Xi’an to sell Lantian jade and so on? As long as the user is looking for all my extensive collection and hunting, because any one industry Understand their own user groups is the basis of our sales links, a website is a truth, the essence of the website is actually marketing, if abruptly to marketing without regard to the user experience, it is not advertising, marketing. So, whether in the update or that website quality of users would like to think what is the most fundamental user optimization of the site operation strategy.

second, let the website structure optimization effort. The author in the construction of this website, a lot of analysis station program, itself is ASP, div+css is also be nothing difficult, if you really use the ASP website, the technical level has no problem, all you want to show their function can be completely fix, but through their careful thinking, or give up the idea of his site. Using the open source program, because of the consideration of the good structure is optimized, even if you can achieve the desired function using their own technology, but URL optimization? Static web processing? These seemingly insignificant details, often difficult to manage themselves, so the use of this system, the website I did not use the structure tree structure of conventional, but completely parallel flat structure, each column alone as a module In parallel, distribution, reduce the spiders crawl Page >

as everyone knows, website optimization process site keywords stability for Shanghai dragon ER in terms of significance, the author is the Xi’an Lantian jade website, do optimization for nearly four years, in their own site in Xi’an Lantian jade network as an example, the main keywords are Lantian jade, stable website keywords ranking home page for more than three years, has been the position is Shanghai love home, occasionally a little situation is also a slight decline, but never fell out of the first page, sometimes because the server will cause to 100, but after recovery will come back soon, these special cases of our different, today the author and a detailed analysis of myself in the maintenance of the website keywords ranking when bit experience, good gossip short continued to the point. First look, I love Shanghai search Lantian jade website still firmly ranks first. The author analyzes the specific details of the operation below.

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