The donkey brother Lu Long Feng growth in Shanghai

after that I began to understand how the Taobao money off, I add QQ group, go to the forum, blog and so on ways of learning. The final result is the "ideal is good, the reality is cruel". But it is not nothing, at least I learned the Shanghai Dragon (search engine optimization) the word


, I slowly to the website by K, >


at this point, I began to * * *, first find a job in the network company, at that time did not know what is the editor, the chain Commissioner position related to the Shanghai dragon. When I started work every day in the forum outside the chain, occasionally to help look at the article, as to why the hair outside the chain and the keywords can on the home page, I also go utterly ignorant of.

about working with a month’s time, I feel the light is not such thing, as confused and many of the newcomers, feel money is slim. I began to try to understand why to do so, keywords can get a good ranking? To be fooled to YY class, finally added a what internal forum charges $100, results in a few months, the over Forum (feel very helpless), and I know that "no good cheap the goods, the goods is not cheap.". But it is not nothing, at least a little clue to Shanghai dragon, know a little bit of jargon, for example, 301 preferred domain redirection, 404, ALT and so on some attributes of knowledge. Later, still do not know a business website optimization system, I malicious cruel spent more than 1000 ocean, to Shanghai dragon why training at. After completion, feel to coax cattle, started on the optimization of the enterprise stand, at that time I was k a murky sky over a dark earth.

is at the end of 2011, I got a Taobao company’s idea, then do not know what is the ranking, I only know that Taobao customers can make money, why money is very simple, because others can make money, I believe I do so. Now I think I really gehangrugeshan, listening to the simple done.

Shanghai dragon !

vaguely remember the first by a large number of K station, is because we do website, inadvertently form a sprocket is a little more complex spider web, causing the site to be plucked all the time, did not go Links this consideration, but do not know some common cheating methods, such as is that not a keyword accumulation, the server has no problem, is not to be linked to horse, chain back problems, the content of quality problems, cheating, refuse to do outside the chain bridge cheating etc.. At that time felt the heavens, don’t know why, always think they are not cheating! I have been looking for reasons to ask others. Now think about it, it was so white.

every Er has its own period of confusion, confusion, uncertainty and growth stage, here today is that my own brother donkey Shanghai Longfeng development road of sour, sweet, bitter, hot

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