How to use the noble Statistics website data analysis

, I would like most webmaster, first look at the IP, PV, average browse pages and stay yesterday, let me understand these basic data flow is smooth, with noble baby statistical benefits is to enter the statistics page will see a time trend chart so that you can understand the general trend that is down or up.

is a direct source of data values, the data by clicking on the bookmark or directly in the browser to enter the URL of the site visitors. This data is that how to access your target users every day to you, how many pages, for how long, how much is the new access, bounce rate is how many have shown you the quality of the website. Direct source search engines with different sources you can adjust your focus through the observation above the corresponding data. For example, the average browse pages is low, so that the work between your page do not, no other links can let visitors interested in. With these data, You’ll see. should focus on the transformation of the places.

Second step

there is a promotion website source, this data reflects your network promotion work is in place. In the detailed source data, there will be a bright.

The first step of

, view the source of traffic. Traffic sources are divided into three categories: the main source of search engine, website promotion and direct source. Search engine source of everyone is very clear, is to search over the traffic from search engines, how many of the traffic directly reflects whether your website in place in Shanghai Longfeng work, search engine to show your good keywords ranking, natural to flow will be more. But looking at the data, the most important thing is to look at the average browse pages, residence time and bounce rate, these three data can directly tell you that your content is attractive, the structure of your site is reasonable, whether your website viscosity is high enough. But because of the search engine users most likely are not your dragons and fishes jumbled together, the target user, the greater the flow, more than three data will be lower, but don’t be depressed, the flow number has proof of your site in the search engine has done a good job.

is every day they will see the data for many webmaster traffic, but these data are not just simple look, stay in the understanding of flow digital is meaningless, you must learn how to analyze the flow data. I believe that many of the new owners felt no clue when doing flow analysis, do not know where to start, finally only see the surface, and no gain enlightenment. I will tell your analysis methods, flow analysis can help you better hope.

took my burning network as an example, I burn nets is using noble baby statistics, also used before the love of Shanghai, but comparatively more noble love baby use statistics, although the noble baby statistics function to check the traffic statistics yesterday, unable to achieve real-time monitoring, but the relative data than to love Shanghai more and more comprehensive statistics.

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