Love Shanghai gives out for too high repeatability of the article


from the search results we can see that only one website, that he did not dare to believe that this is the only website reprint your article? Or love Shanghai didn’t put out? But after 6 hours of observation, found that most of the time in 3 has just released the sea to reprint this article the site, because the previous effect is obvious, an article in a few hours, at least about 20 or 30 articles are reproduced, reproduced here is love of Shanghai has put out the article, following which previous article: "Google PR big update to tell some matters need to pay attention to the webmaster"

article by sound lease www.wenliguoji贵族宝贝 original reprint please indicate the source: Thank you!


love Shanghai algorithm has been changed? Indeed, previously found that repeatability is too high is not included, only for those low weight website, and now find some high weight website collected too much of the same article, also do not put out the love of Shanghai. For the website included is I have been more concerned about things, because whether their website content updates, or send the chain, if the article is not included, is doing today to observe a special phenomenon, early in the morning A5 hair article: "the webmaster friends make Shanghai dragon should have what strategy", that is only a web site, and not the A5 website, I asked a friend asked him what the reason is, because he often send articles in A5, he is suspected of weight is not A5 down, but through observation, no relationship with A5 10 Fen. Is love Shanghai gives out for repeatability is too high in

from the screenshot, we can clearly see the results of this article reproduced was put out of the 637, some friends will ask, is this article is well written, so was collected much? It is not the case, I think that not only check their own posts, also check the A5 other webmaster friends post, is a web page, according to previous results, should be a lot of a lot of websites, and put out is very much, it can be proved that the love of Shanghai gives out for repeatability is too high in

from the Shanghai love algorithm change, for our webmaster update again sounded the alarm, it clearly shows that the original is the hard truth, for our website article if is a direct copy of others, the article will not be included, even if included will also be dry out, to send outside the chain is the same reason right hand, left hand copy and paste, just doing nothing for the website, also want to pay attention to is: even if your site is original, if replicated by others, for their own websites still have great harm, so we do stand as the person, should be low-key

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