On our four easy to appear in the Shanghai dragon path error

there are many reports show that the search engine rankings ranked first and second received clicks of the difference in size, so I will not say that ranking is not important to you. Right click in the search rankings obviously better for you. I mean, you can’t just worry about your position. The current search engine trend is the development of personality search, which means that the search results in the user’s search history, location and other factors to join the search results ranking factors to ranking is important, but don’t put your view on the rankings. You should also be committed to improving the user friendly experience. Because this is the real purpose of your Shanghai dragon.

if you did not publish any article a business blog within six months, it is time to stop and re evaluate your Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon can thrive is the key to connect you through the content of the target audience, make your target audience in your business. A stagnant blog will only hinder your success in Shanghai dragon.

two: launch the business blog but ignore it

: all your attention is that ranking

Although >

three: you treat your social media like your advertising space


your social media Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (3 major social networking sites) is not your place to advertise. If you want to create value by social network, you must establish a relationship with your customers through social networks and create their own brand in an online community. Through your social media to promote exchanges and sharing of content, solve customer service issue, have more dialogue with your target audience. Don’t put the static advertising your social media as a product for you, it will only be you never see No one shows any interest in, he has much value.

link for Shanghai dragon is like bread and butter, but not all of the links are "equal". Do not engage in the black hat link exchange forum or blog comment spam, so to your site will not benefit the long-term development, the opposite is not conducive to your site. 10000 obtained from low quality, garbage site links from the long term is still better than 1000 from high quality related site links to valuable. So when it comes to the problem of the construction of the link, I tend to view the quality is better than quantity.

in Shanghai dragon on the road without a clear plan which in the Shanghai dragon competition is the right way, each site has its own different optimization methods according to their own needs and goals, but in Shanghai on the road there are some dragon we need to change the wrong idea. You need to stop to consider in Shanghai dragon in the competition you will not make the following mistakes.

four: any link is good, no matter where it comes from

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