The new station links to buy Raiders


2: domain name age

is a site weight more than 5 usually after one to two years of development time, if a website weight one year to 5, then this site would weigh about, see is not a black chain or standing group, if this is the station do not buy.

3: whether the site for

for a new, good rankings to quickly get the relevant keywords, you can quickly increase the weight of the site, the two is a certain degree of difficulty. Now in the homogenization of the website is increasing, the competition is more and more large network environment, the spirit of "

to link to jumpWe want to know

was a very good outside chain method is equal with their web site link exchange, but for a new sites, link exchange is difficult in the early stage. Maybe also can get the chain through the soft Wen or forum signature and so on, but the site effect is slower. From the above two cases, a lot of new options for the purchase link to improve every aspect of the site, the us today to talk about the purchase of the chain need to pay attention to what.

stations Oh!)

many new Adsense think any purchase of a weight high site outside the chain, in fact, buy the chain of knowledge is very much:

now to above the network stations, monopoly stations had people link. Station group has a fatal drawback is: station group inside one station is K, the other stations will be followed by K. So the station chain is best not to buy. (Note: when we went to buy a lot of links will be in the same person at the same time to buy a few stations, so when the station group of this one must carefully weigh

related websitesThe correlation between

, a weight high site are many low weight website, this website will reduce weight, to keep the weight of the website in two ways: the first is a constant in the guide.

for the emperor, the chain is king "point of view is very reasonable. For this one, only by the owners to find our own way, no one can help you, unless you want to collect or pseudo original. Then a new station outside the chain of

website, this is the most basic chain to buy things, like my website CPS alliance is a CPS * * * * * * *, the technical aspects of the site, the total can not find a health website to buy the chain.

5: if the site uses JS or other

4: the website is K


many people can only see the PR value chain, is not comprehensive, China now basically love Shanghai in the world, so we should focus on the evaluation of whether Shanghai love this site, but not the noble baby.


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