There is a search keyword index really have it flow

on the account have been made clear, the friends may want to know how you flow? Although my keyword ranking also failed to reach the expected results, several keywords existing home location, traffic can be ignored, the website of independent IP access volume is ten or twenty. For this data may be a lot of people would laugh, you are not the first row, began the analysis results, there will be more accurate. However, it is important to analyze the problems to solve. Why did this happen?

through the statistical analysis of the three key words in the table, select the above page keywords title, can cover most of the keywords, it can be said in the title keyword to the core keywords and long tail keywords are covered, there is a search volume index. The fusion of keywords love Shanghai drop-down box that can be said that if these words all search results into the home, but also a considerable part of entering the top three, web exposure is enough. If the above data is true, can be said that the traffic should be good, the website promotion, brand promotion and sales network promotion is a role.

as of today, the website from diagnosis to set the key words, a month for zero or one weeks. All the keywords ranking in the top three pages, a few words have entered the home page.


most of the time, we do website optimization, the core problem is the key to study. Keyword selection is not good, is ranked up, no flow; keywords if selected, may not have too much, traffic will come. Of course, there is also the core keywords and long tail keywords. Now we are in the long tail keywords constantly force, love Shanghai also provides love index in Shanghai. We are doing keyword research, in addition to the search volume keywords analysis, but also love Shanghai index keywords, comprehensive look at what we should strictly for the optimization of the web site keywords.

wrote before "very important" half month Website Ranking rapid promotion station mainly analyzed the diagnosis, diagnosis before the first to do website optimization. In the article the key words of the title of the page is not set properly, adjust. But did not say why the adjustment. ["<"; "==>";], you can clearly see, in front of the title and keywords are not only keywords accumulation, unclear and irregular problems. Why become a behind the way? The first is a combination of business focused company, followed by a combination of love, love Shanghai Shanghai index search traffic recommendation, and. You can look at a few pictures below.

first, the reliability of data provided by Shanghai poor love. Said this, a bit far fetched. After all, these data are not entirely dependent on the reference value of these data is not up to the purpose that data are not allowed. The website is.

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