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many forums in order to ensure the quality of posts, are not allowed to take the new registered account link, if engaged in related management forum it is understandable, after all, the threshold is too low will lead to the proliferation of spam, so that a few accounts often post replies, after reaching a certain level, the post can attract more attention the link, you can better play the role of promotion.

through the audit is a very painful thing, because it is the work not completed posts or links lead to audit failure, so when the post is to try to put the anchor text keywords and hidden content, in order to show the seemingly natural moisturizes things like the soft skills, such as the main keywords "site optimization" in the car, the Sina forum posting a brand of car performance is good, the price is reasonable, with 35 years of struggle I do website optimization can start "," one can post city house prices rise in the Sohu real estate forum, you let me do a website to optimize the salary situation ah, the main keywords into the column and the related content of them, either through the administrator audit, has not caused readers antipathy…… Kill two birds with one stone。

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has recently spread BBS signature of the chain by love Shanghai drop right to deal with the news, explain, not to say that the chain BBS signature did cause the site to drop right, but the weight of the chain transmission is less, from an objective point of view, no one can give detailed data to prove the point, with the corresponding. The total number of the forum outside the chain increase and love Shanghai to expand the influence of the factors of the influence factors, including the forum outside the chain, will cut the weight distribution, only as far as possible the comprehensive care of all factors to do website optimization promotion work in Shanghai dragon.

why do BBS promotion, because the forum data and the large flow of people, the spider crawling frequency is high, the post would have to be included, you can view the forum user registration number, while the number of online, every day the quantity posted to the comprehensive judgment of popularity of a forum, in addition to the forum the selection process of the post to pay attention to improve the keywords ranking function for relevant keywords anchor text to price adjustment.


speaking of website promotion one thousand and one nights, the night must have the most webmaster BBS promotion test, manual signature links with post replies even normal operation, the use of fantasy mass software group of top mass makes the outer chain number surged to punish the owners suffered the wood there? The chain group encounter love Shanghai update how many flowers fall in love you, an Shanghai vulnerable ah, so return to the manual post, one step is the essence of Shanghai dragon.

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