Discussion on several core elements of search engine optimization

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label application elementsThe

has seen me baby aristocrat web open speed will affect the keywords ranking, for the love of Shanghai, I believe that the spider to crawl would have to wait a long time at the end of the year, will not give too much weight. Open the speed of the other 1 is the sweetness for users, we have to do difficult SIM Jiannuo, pull to 1 customers is the cost of special high, the Bureau and the customer flow due to the speed problem would be special.

site URL1 has been all included, different styles of URL included, although now search engine against dynamic paths, but if too many parameters, then the weight will rise, so in the chance to be put under the condition of 1 URL to 1 beauty, even if you don’t also, invite people to do, this is a must, when more and more web mode, you will realize that a dynamic path is so bad.

1 major styles of

text fewer pictures are not necessary, but taking into account the Shanghai dragon’s words, this is the best choice. Search engine crawling is the text instead of images, the user search word is a text instead of images, so the picture is just as the 1 dot (some except WEB), some web in the process of the station do a little imperceptibly to take pictures, this is not the search engine to friends, remember to master the principles. To minimize the use of pictures.

two, processing speed element

four, the chain discipline elements

, a text and picture element

My last Why is

tag role should not be underestimated, 1 partial labels for search engine is equivalent to 1 people warm words 1 made a great impression, so web in each position operation label breaks out effect is special big, like home about the bold, like the title 1 to operate H tags some of the long tail words like the 1 operation of the italic or enhance color, so about 1 fixed level reveal users and search engines, and the differences of these words. Although this is the 1 small details, but the group, meaning extraordinary.

five, dynamic path elements

here is the chain of discipline elements? Because the operation nofollow shield to 1 do not always operate the link, this can effectively lose weight control. That is a small web, then no problem, is assumed to be slightly the scope of the station, then these are not much use out of the station link is a special occupation weight. The other is Pifanti’s external links, this is the 1 central elements of keywords to beautify the 1 page beautify the 1 keywords, showing the keyword link back to this page on URL in other places 1 Dan, this is a special type of chain in 1 work to beautify.

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