How the website search engine ranking users

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we submit a query to a search engine, search engines from lists a lot of results, what is the order form of the search results of

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different search engines in order form and results, have a more complex algorithm, the search engine is based on the database to decide on his website, which in the front row in the back row of which. Of course, the sort of factors include more than these: site procedures. The content of the page (whether plagiarism, or original, of course all the search engines love original content). The speed of opening the site. Site update frequency. The site visits the site. The bounce rate. The website construction time… And some artificial factors. Is there.

1 search engine ranking

ranking technology of search engine, we can be simply understood as the exposure rate, the number who appear most, who are on the front line. Search engine: the goal is to help users quickly find the needed information and cyber source, it will search the rapid feedback to the user. The most consistent with the needs of users of cyber source will be placed in the queue in front of


was the first to improve search engine retrieval queries to the user, the user input simple words or sentences to direct or guide to the user to the page, make the network communication more humane. The query is more convenient and effective. The vertical theme is of great help to the search engine, online information such as Howhi, cyber source is growing at an alarming rate, the search engine is difficult to collect all the information on the theme theme so vertical web site in the search engine ranking will be of great help.


3 website how through the search engine ranking influence user

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