Black chain business make only superficial changes again

2, disguised as copyright




Links still useful? There is no doubt that there is definitely effect, only those that love Shanghai "is not recommended links" is a violation of the principle of search engine. Therefore, with the contents of correlation, the weight of high Links, in the search engine to vote on the website of the high value of certain. You can focus on their own industry ranking of the site, the number of Links are many. The past few days has continued to receive advertising information Links group, black chain business and advocating their new model.

in the figure below, the emergence of the "taobao贵族宝贝" link, is a black chain. The general webmaster do a good job in the bottom template, little attention will never change. Black chain once added to the site at the bottom of the template, became the station chain.

3, added to the picture link

enterprise website, government website, school website will add a picture link at the bottom, the site is also the use of this feature, the taobao贵族宝贝 to join them, ha ha.

The site navigation

contains a lot of copyright English characters, therefore, is not easy to figure in the "TBW" is found. The webmaster does not modify the long-term bottom of copyright, so there is long time of these links.

贵族宝贝594wm贵族宝贝, please indicate.

the following URL directly replace Taobao webmaster, it is difficult to find. Pay more attention to the future of this kind of website information security, click on the link that Taobao is Taobao finally jump off site.


to share recent for newly discovered black chain today. The Taobao guest website, basically is to rely on the black chain up on top of the more than 100 links, easy IP of over 10000, so if you continue development, probably hundreds of thousands of all be nothing difficult.

enterprise website, Internet companies in large quantities, to the enterprise, pay little attention to the problem of information security, and even don’t know what to make of Shanghai dragon, black chain. I advise you one, no matter what form a black chain, is a potential risk to the regular site, if you want to be friends of the station, from the user point of view, certainly can make a good website, get good rankings.

1, disguised as the bottom navigation

4, disguised as the bottom of the description information of

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