Enterprise web site is K how to deal with the operation experience

site operation site is K, the webmaster please don’t be nervous, should do is to analyze the website is the cause of the K, it is generally for the optimization of K the following reasons: Web site space is not stable, a large number of sites, a large number of cheating, pseudo original web site optimization excessive, long time no update etc.. According to the above conditions the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) solutions to say to you:

again: website optimization excessive. Enterprise marketing type website the ultimate goal is to achieve sales, so just online webmaster to do optimization, a day to update a lot of content, increase the number of the chain, then keywords new website will rise to love Shanghai home, then will the webmaster for keywords error has been very stable, then the webmaster will stop optimization. In fact, for how could a new website instantly rose to the home page, so it is easy to cause the site optimization excessive, will make a new website is love Shanghai K station, the Shanghai review period into love. For the new site owners need to do is to adhere to in the original.

: the first web space is not stable. At the beginning of the construction of enterprise website should choose a stable space, especially for business type website, stable space is the premise of marketing. The space is not stable, often cause the website to open, not the normal content of spider crawling, if not timely treatment, when love will be updated in Shanghai K. The webmaster should replace even space, choose a good quality of service to the host, ahead of the best site for the record, not because there is no record in the website does not open, affecting the user experience, affect the spider grab. Because of the space cause of the website cannot open, owners only need to replace the space you can, do not need to change the site structure.


companies use the network platform to expand sales channels, the most powerful weapon is the marketing type website, through the optimization of industry marketing website keywords, so as to improve the site traffic, increase sales. But in the optimization process may encounter the website by K phenomenon, marketing type website is K, to bring the impact to the enterprise is great, the process of enterprise website operation if encounter such a situation how to deal with.

Secondly, a large number of original website

. Love Shanghai two times the big update will tell the webmaster, not a lot of pseudo original, a lot of people collect the content of the site, only to the site to increase the K rate. Marketing type website is more to show the user product usage, increase user awareness, not only the content of the website to collect useless, and will affect the user experience, meet a large number of original website, love Shanghai now are not allowed in the algorithm is. So if the site suffered by K, check their collection is not too much content. Even if the original content is very difficult, but in order to survival website is to make content more original, adhere to the original site released by K.

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