The end of the month before the love of Shanghai will have a wide range of update


online chat forum in Shanghai in Shanghai Lee said recently did not update the larger algorithm, probably before the end of this month, the main quality content, low quality content is suppressed, the specific details will be announced early next week in advance algorithm and interpretation, and to disclose, the recent site grammar results will have a major adjustment.

Lee also showed that Shanghai love search results without any channel intervention, only to the user experience as the only basis. As long as the webmaster can provide high-quality content, better than the library, know better is not a problem, the premise is compared with better quality, better user experience.

information is more important, hope to know.

at the same time, early in the first half we have already set up a special topic quality team, specifically from the perspective of content to consider whether to help user experience is good, this new algorithm will soon be on the line.


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