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, Uber, Pinterest, Snapchat and Slack are the most investment earning Unicorn companies. Uber recently completed a $5 billion 600 million G round of financing, accounting for approximately second of the 1/4’s financing in the fourth quarter. Uber’s valuation has reached $61 billion. Snapchat completed $1 billion 800 million in financing and valued at $17 billion 800 million.

I was in primary school, it is Comrade Deng Xiaoping said, the computer should start at that time, the computer interest group participated in the primary school, the teacher think I have talent, call my parents sent to another major point in a summer camp. At that time, what all don’t understand, now in retrospect, the teacher taught us, whether it is in the primary school, or later participate in the summer camp, is a more than 20 year old girl, you could call it, I’m not by strange, why men dominated the computer industry, my computer teacher, why should is a woman, and are just graduated, it is a miracle, the probability is too small. Remember, I was learning Basic language, I learned the level of later, you can write a game of their own aircraft, do not want to skew, not the man often said, hit the plane, you know. Later it participated in a computer game, I won the two prize in the city of Wuhan, there are also some strange, all the girls actually participated in the computer group, and is particularly serious, unfortunately, most get third-prize, those girls are not convinced, can only say that I have the talent, but they don’t know I am more than they learn a summer vacation. Of course, it has also become an important reason in my college when selecting a professional, as we all know, graduated from high school, entered the University, learned all is professional, although my science but I’m not good, to learn what the Department of mathematics, Department of physics, so professional, other subjects also don’t understand what are the basic computer, somehow primary school days will be good, at least College >

in the current venture industry, unicorn companies are investing more and more, while start-ups are investing less and less. This suggests that VCs are more likely to support companies whose business models have been proven to be more valuable.

overall, the second quarter invested $20 billion through 1906 deals. Although investment grew by 11% compared with the same period last year, the number of investment transactions fell by 29%. On average, the amount of financing at the end of the business was $10 million, the second highest record in the past 10 years. Last year, the figure was $11 million.

in 1998, that year, the floods reminded everyone of each other. I also just entered college and studied computers. At that time, there were no Internet bars in Wuhan. Some people opened a number of computer games, called computer rooms. There is a computer LAN network, more play the game then estimated 80 some friends all know, red alert, heroes, and Legend of Sword and Fairy. I was in the freshman year, half semester after two months of learning, began to play truant, indulge in such a computer room, play more is the hero invincible. Later found that the computer room in the school, in fact, is a game room. Which teachers don’t tube you play a game, or engage in learning, one hour charge 5 jiao yuan, of course, also have a good point of the room, is nothing more than a computer with good configuration, one hour 1 yuan, from the outside of the computer room so I transferred to the school computer room, playing out the dark.

renowned venture capital Anderson – Horowitz co-founder Mark &midd>

, Twilio, has become the largest technology company on the market this year as the market value of the first day rose by nearly $2 billion 400 million IPO. The company’s success could prompt Wall Street investors to consider more IPO.

PitchBook senior analyst Gareth ·, Black Garrett Black said: "in determining investment goals, venture capitalists are more selective.". In a bull market and a more prosperous market, they will invest more widely."

at the same time, the number of transactions for the first time was 525, down 38% from the same period in 2015.

Preface: in 1996, the year before the first year of Chinese Internet, I was in grade two. A casual opportunity, the school chose our grade the best class, go to a ladder classroom, listen to a big lesson, a teacher told us about the internet. Before that, the magazine, the world of science fiction, had long serialized an article called "the American information superhighway" and an introduction to the internet. I actually listened to the teacher said the Internet, in fact, do not mind, I did not expect after the Internet determines my whole life.

reported that in the second quarter of this year, unicorn company won 39% of the U.S. venture capital investment, or $8 billion 780 million, higher than last year’s $2 billion 60 million. At that time, only 20% of the company’s investment was made by unicorn.

, he points out, Accel, Partners, Insight, Venture, Partners and KPCB have invested large sums of money in a handful of companies.

venture capital has also prompted some Unicorn companies to test the water IPO initial public offering market. Listed as the first Unicorn company this year, cloud computing services Twilio shares rose 92% on the first day of listing.

technology news Beijing time on July 8th morning news, market research firm PitchBook Data report released Thursday, the recent valuation of more than $1 billion in "unicorn" company received a large part of the U.S. venture capital investment, the other company is not good.

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