The website domain name will affect Shanghai Longfeng optimization

3, the domain name was first included in the time of

we all know, Shanghai Longfeng optimization not only send the chain, to the website ranking make up, need a lot of process, so in this process, the website domain name is not play a role?

2, domain name age

said the domain name is not strange, especially when enterprises want to flex its muscles in the Internet, the domain name is essential, the content of the website, all the traffic associated with a particular domain name, is one of the most important intangible quality companies.

1, the domain name suffix

In fact, when we choose the

in Shanghai Longfeng optimization,.Edu and.Gov could not be registered the domain name generally has a relatively high weight of. Because the.Edu domain only education and research institutions can be registered, and the need of education network IP address.Gov, only the government can register, registration restrictions determine the domain name rarely used to spam sites, so the search engine will give a certain ranking advantage, which is why in Shanghai Longfeng optimization,.Edu and.Gov websites the best sources of external links.


some people think.Info domain other than the domain name weight low, this is not what the. We rarely see.Info domain name, just because the domain name do stand company and stationmaster itself rarely.

In addition to the

domain name domain name for the first time included age, time is also very important. Even if some domain name registration time early, but because there is no analytical registration, search engine without any content, its advantage is less than the age has long been included content of domain name.

domain name registration sooner, the more favorable for ranking. Because of this, many enterprises in order to make a better choice and optimization of Shanghai dragon to buy the old domain.

yes, a good domain name has a great influence on Shanghai Longfeng optimization and website operation, so the specific domain name is what factors of Shanghai Longfeng optimization plays a role?

time domain renewal can be used as one of the ranking factors. Why do you say that.

time domain renewal

is not so.Edu and.Gov this type of domain name is born with the weight and ranking advantage? The answer is no, search engine ranking advantage does not mean value domain, but because of this type of domain content is relatively high quality, comprehensive evaluation, will give the advantage of ranking.

domain name does not require special consideration from Shanghai Longfeng optimization, more consideration should be given to the brand image and user experience, in the absence of special requirements, it is recommended to use贵族宝贝, because this is the most common domain name, but also people than the more well-known domain name, which is generally not provided the domain name will be considered to be贵族宝贝.

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