The use of integrated marketing to subvert Shanghai Dragon

2, to provide users with what

three, the user experience is a top priority in the

Shanghai dragon is important is not wrong, but the Shanghai dragon is not a panacea, we must be aware of this problem. Even if the Shanghai dragon well optimized website ranking will be made up, but if the "poor or bad user experience and other issues, but also make our Shanghai dragon effect in vain, so the user experience is also very important. I know that a website is not the person responsible for the Shanghai dragon optimization, but the use of various promotion methods embedded in Shanghai Longfeng, site is also very healthy, ranking and traffic are better, so SEP is not a panacea.

1, to understand the needs of users. The analysis and research of user, know the needs of the audience, but can not blindly optimization, website optimization direction;

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. Know the needs of the user, so we have to make them want to know the information fast show on the website, allowing users to quickly access;

actually do Shanghai dragon should clear such a principle: the search engine is always for customer service, no matter how the rules change, always the purpose is to allow users to quickly find their needs, simple content. To understand this principle we can know why rules, ranking will continue to change, the reason is because the user’s search habits are changing gradually. So the user experience is the priority among priorities, how should we from a marketing point to optimize the user experience of

4, website trust. Belong to the same category of user interaction, is not just as simple as you show the brand image, it should.

integrated marketing

mentioned above is not a person to do Shanghai dragon but use embedded in various promotion methods of Shanghai dragon, an example is the integration of marketing, of course, the most important thing is the user experience. How to make the user experience? Before I wrote a "user experience is to do commercial priority among priorities", in fact, the most important point is that from the user’s point of view to think about the problem, experience and thoughts of my own website, web page design, architecture, color collocation, information display and so on are we should take place.

3, the interaction with the user. To maintain contact and interaction with the user, allowing users to push us forward, we can do optimization and promotion, in order to win the good user experience, we can get the search engines like

in the future?


to share "how to optimize Shanghai dragon" of small and medium-sized enterprises electricity supplier website content, because we have to see the important Shanghai dragon optimization. This is true, but sometimes you have done very well in Shanghai Longfeng may result is not as good as expected, because of the integration of marketing do not because of the use of integrated marketing can subvert the Shanghai dragon.

, a Shanghai dragon is not a panacea.


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