Reduce the mixed signal effectively consolidate the paging URL

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page has been in Shanghai Longfeng community has been discussed, whether it is e-commerce product categories or a blog, or a lengthy news articles, numerous examples of cross web paging. From the analysis of usability perspective, web paging solution to the user without the endless rolling, can browse pages load faster, provide a good experience for mobile users.

        < link rel=" next" href=" page=2" />


webmaster decided to implement rel = "a = rel page" and "next" link elements in each page of the head. Let’s see how this is performed.

in the process of using web page, we use error or correct signal to tell search engines is our content page, in particular we will see rel = "on page" and rel = "next" link elements, the implementation of rel = " " code; the link element, and using the URL parameter in Google webmaster tools.

example: This is a fictional url贵族宝贝shinybucketsthatcarrydreams贵族宝贝, this URL is good at, we assume that this is an electronic commerce website URL, this site is divided into more than 40 different categories. The webmaster, want to display the page 10 classification, and now they want to make things easier, no advanced sorting options to view all of the pages, they also do not want to create additional directory, all decided to use the URL page parameter marker categories, each page shows 10 categories, so you need 4 pages.

September 2011, aunt announced that it can use rel = " rel = a page "and" link elements next page page, which makes the world Shanghai Longfeng practitioners soothing relief, but in the process of using, it is very difficult to realize the code.



page 1:贵族宝贝shinybucketsthatcarrydreams贵族宝贝/happy-buckets

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note that the first page (top category page) URL does not contain page query parameters. Remember, do what you can to make your url. In the head, we may encounter the following link elements:

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