Shanghai Longfeng optimization in processing before should first plan

so, personally think that Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology in the prior to treatment should be planning "

finally to the person in charge of the company’s Shanghai dragon keyword optimization recommendations are: optimization work, not just rely on code optimization can achieve the effect; the first need is for the analysis of key business company, to determine the optimal keyword necessary, according to the key words do website content planning, content planning, text content update, all to around key content areas, and to ensure continuous updates, to improve the content of the web site of the weight. At the same time, coupled with the external promotion of optimization, and ultimately improve the key objective.

on the company’s website, maybe a lot of people will feel the first feeling website designer is also good, at least in the province than many similar sites are better; but from the perspective of professional design company, crystal word plus fashion style design of the ink, do not know the original designers want to express what. Apart from the interface of website design, website content framework and the general enterprise website have certain difference, joined the Guizhou tourism, culture and other content, some even wondered why the company did not need to contact us page, also be simplified in the copyright field; the content of architecture design is chaotic, not from the enterprise the marketing point of view to consider the content of the web site planning.


said the site is not from the marketing point of view to consider the content of the website architecture design, first to analyze why the company’s Web site to the user with no why. Guizhou haohuahong culture communication company, is a characteristic of Guizhou arts and crafts development and sales company, mainly engaged in the characteristics of Guizhou Miao silver, ethnic embroidery, batik, crafts and other products; to analyze from the angle of potential users of such products, if want to find such products on the Internet, search engines keywords, must be the product itself, such as keywords, silver, silver ornaments of Miao nationality. Then the related keyword query, silver daily search volume reached 1000 love Shanghai secondary, but as the main products, good bonus, silver key, the top 1000 search are not included; from that website not traded users, is also a natural result. The content of architecture design on the site, although has classified the Guizhou tourism, culture and other content, on the surface, there is a certain breakthrough in content planning, but from the keyword optimization point of view, the current site contents of the relevant product management and quality of website keyword density weight etc did not play any role.

at the beginning of the month, received Guizhou haohuahong Culture Communication Company (www.gzhhh贵族宝贝) commissioned for love Shanghai search promotion on the company website; the person in charge of the company that at present the company in search love Shanghai, has been ranked in the first page of the third, the natural ranking position can also be. Then, I asked the site this year for him how many customers were coming? The answer is, at present only the Alibaba to bring customer transactions, the website currently has no effect.

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