The common problems in the use of noble baby Analytics two

in answer to this question, we should first look at the index definition of advertising and click Page of the PV two index is the meaning of what, how to calculate? And whether we should use these two indicators were compared.

1, why station advertising click and the PV of the target page is not consistent with

Click: Click Advertising advertising refers to the number of visitors to click on ads, there is no click in the index of nobility baby in analytics, so we actually see the click figure is in fact behind the advertising target page PV.

A and click PV while the target page advertising is PV data record, but in fact these two data there are still differences. Advertising clic>


page PV: target page PV said the number of pages viewed, whenever a page is loaded, the PV data increases again.



The two index

above are the cumulative index is simple, so it is not so accurate. Although from a logical point of view, click and PV were recorded to the same page of the PV, so these two values should be the same. But because of some special reasons, the reality is not so. The following is I think several possible reasons for the difference of data.

this is a question I recently met, first to describe the background of the issue. In the analysis of advertising effectiveness, we usually pay attention to the number of clicks is station advertising, noble baby Analytics figure in the click digital zone. But most of the time, the click data and the target page advertising PV big difference. For example: in the hot zone map, advertising click 1000 times, but when we see the target page PV, this number may be 600 or 1300. Click on the PV to the page may be higher than advertising, also may be less than the ad click. Even if you are on the URL ad for the single marker, such as 贵族宝贝 but there are still differences between the data, or high or low. This is why


this is the second common problems in the use of noble baby Analytics series, thank you to all the mail and I share the friends, maybe I can’t reply to your questions, but I will all the problems will be sorted out in the form of experience, to share with you. Also thanks to the "blue whale" in the notes of website administrators group. Thank you for your timely answers to the questions in the group. OK, now began to enter the five common problems in this piece.

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