Some experience of pushing the media network love Shanghai day snapshot

personal website that keep updated every day is also very important, a lot of enterprise website or company website maintenance and update no one on Monday and Friday, love Shanghai slowly in the spider crawling speed, weight and website ranking gradually will be affected, because of the different personal website or small business website, the portal itself has a very high weight love Shanghai, give a high degree of recognition, so the personal website or small business website be updated every day is very necessary, in addition to the website must have professional editing, best understand the point of Shanghai dragon edition, know the long tail word update a large number of articles, these articles are useful to the user, is also good for I have seen a lot of enterprise search ranking, website update content seems to please love Shanghai or in order to optimize and add content, what In order to optimize and to add a lot of website content has nothing to do things, such a short period of time will be used, will be very good rankings, but for a long time is not good, suggestions from the perspective of the user needs to organize the article, someone may have doubts, we industry is very small, do not know what to write from the start hand, not so much news or content updates do? A little industry there are a lot of things can be written, a small company, industry trends, industry exhibition industry exchange market transformation, the industry demand for talent, each product usage and so on are able to sort out a pile of paper. As long as attention, a lot of material to dig.

on site time update problem, some people say good morning update, some people say good morning update, some people say good afternoon update, in fact I think what time to update the content actually has no effect, only.



Keep the site updated daily

a website of the Ministry of the original


content updateWe all know that

    network media is in love with the sea since the push solution after two consecutive day, Shanghai snapshot snapshot, love Shanghai search on this site is very recognized. The individual was summed up, there are a few main points for Shanghai dragon er.

love Shanghai love original content, original content more, love Shanghai will think your quality is very high, websites are useful to the user, giving the evaluation or score will be good, for example, A5 webmaster articles every day there are a lot of original content, these content users are original the contribution of the article so approved by general a few minutes will be included that love love Shanghai, Shanghai reptile climb quickly, put out soon, A5 background day received 300 manuscript, but the real through is 100, the remaining 200 did not give the most, because of it the lack of writing skills and content skills, if a little or very easy to processing through the website with high quality original content, do the snapshot is not what difficult thing.

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