Guiyang suit company to talk about web site optimization considerations

three, to define the title information content, we usually refer to the key word description, Guizhou website said the best on the long tail key word to add the deployment of Web site traffic. Keyword density to a reasonable spread, advocate control in less than 50%.


, a Guizhou construction site said to pick the first domain name and domain name space, the best is not being used, but not before been punished search engine of the domain name, domain name easy to remember to pick it. The space is relatively stable, do not have regular closed space or will slow to open the page, such as on the user experience is greatly affected by the.

five, website content is usually very crucial to optimize the operation, construction sites in Guizhou to retain a regular update the content, focus on quality, not blindly copying, re generated, because the engine is the love of fresh blood nutrition daily after the web pages to the latest content. For a long time there is love for progress on the website of the engine, improve site weight.

Guizhou, Mazur understand each search engine has a different indexing rules, each network companies have since different optimization skills, Guiyang clothing company the results are the same, how to let the customer’s official website key word can be ranked in the search engine home page. Today, Guiyang Romon suits to talk about web site optimization implementation should pay attention to what skills of

site outside the chain is necessary, is also very important, the chain to guide the engine spiders crawl the web page, Guizhou network company but not the more the chain must be ranked on the front, the resolution website key word ranking by many factors, focus on quality, a rule, avoid sending.



two, the structure design of the page should be beneficial to the optimization of the construction site in Guizhou, said to the search engine spiders crawl, the optimum selection of CSS+DIV programming, HTML pages and the program should be concise, writing, outstanding standard pattern page, can help users know more page, the search engine more friendly, founded with outstanding paint a brief, standard, URL; Title meta description information to the theme is clear; on the content of the page we advocate for your concise induction; ALT image; the Baiduspider can only read the text, placed in the flash, the text in the image, baidu cannot identify; do not use frame and iframe structure etc..

Guizhou Luomeng think Guizhou website optimization is an ongoing problem, only to comply with the rules of search engine search, mining user needs, have the opportunity to love Shanghai ranked in the home page.

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