How many crazy love behind the June and July Shanghai Shanghai dragon road transformation

second: Shanghai, transformation and upgrading of the road, toward the technical development of

is now in the company in addition to maintain the company’s Shanghai dragon, also maintain the company’s noble baby PPC account, this is two different systems, but the two systems for marketing is indispensable, when you hand to pay the maintenance of this PPC, every penny you are looking at the flowers, when you look at the overall structure of the website under your adjustment when more and more perfect, you will be happy. SEM, the Shanghai dragon, is a kind of ability of sublimation, master of advertising PPC can give you a better understanding of the significance of Shanghai dragon, specifically how to say


first point: Shanghai dragon transformation toward SEM marketing direction, master PPC and Shanghai dragon

PPC account, the need for huge advertising account settings, including advertising content, advertising title, the Shanghai dragon is a different kind of meaning, because when we set the PPC title, I think you will write the website title, and description, so writing a high-quality advertising language and Shanghai Longfeng title is common; in addition to advertising, we need to set the key word is also a key point, because the advertising account huge search keyword source, the key word here on the site and may be one of the long tail keywords hook, when you slowly understand PPC keyword, you on every page of the website of Shanghai dragon maintenance keyword has a very thorough grasp. In my opinion, PPC and Shanghai Longfeng is closely linked, when you learn SEM, should master the two skills. SEM as the further development of Shanghai dragon, we need good intentions to contact, and strive to do it

a lot of people say that Shanghai dragon is not a technical work, it is only the hair of the chain, do content, I told you, this is not Shanghai Longfeng, this is just the chain Commissioner, is just the website editor, when you want to further understand when Shanghai dragon, you will enter the Shanghai dragon upgrade the road, which is Shanghai Dragon technology level, in the teacher’s blog says very clearly, technology of Shanghai dragon will analyze the website data, will get what he saw information from the data, every move he will test the search engine, from the test machine, from the SERP page, from the analysis of a why would a site on the home page.

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love Shanghai June and July madness is widely spread, the webmaster No. 7.18 from Shanghai day love click can be seen, the loss degree of webmaster website, but in this matter behind, we will have to face, this article is dedicated to all my lovely friends long station, Shanghai dragon transformation. Shanghai Longfeng do more for a long time, will feel the limitations of Shanghai Longfeng, especially under the pressure of love K station in Shanghai, is more of a feeling, Shanghai dragon transformation, where should the transformation of

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