Talk about search engine judgment standard station concept may be a false proposition


site user groups determine the extent of website operation and means, compared to a local small forum and certainly not a large portal or a field site, but it determines a range of service users, I like a village which is the northeast, if the user access, may flew out of, but for the life of the people around, the village network may be a relatively good communication platform, even more advertising, section more, water and more, it is in the face of the groups of these people, do not apply to a wider audience, so the users in other places serious the garbage station in this range of people, this concept can also define the garbage station.

what is rubbish station, Shanghai do not know love, Google does not know, online know also various explanations, I have been very skeptical about the concept of online rumors can not represent a site really is called the garbage station, Shanghai Encyclopedia of love station has a so-called 25 judge I am curious to see, a few days, feeling a bit lame, after all, the starting point for a web site for the different objects and different user groups, to the definition of a website is rubbish station may have lost sound, so today is very interested in talking about the so-called concept of garbage station, to Bo people eyes:

sample site is not garbage station, I think many of my friends think intuitively is garbage station, as one sees a love of things like love, often with their own feelings to judge the essence of a thing to define. I can’t tell you what is the essence of a website, but the concept of the existence of the purpose of a website and you may have different definition, that is to say the website exists for the purpose of it is to develop the reason, because a lot of time to give others the feeling and impression is not good so there is this garbage station definition.


, who is two, the user group of

, what is the purpose of the garbage station

? ?The

no matter who is the user groups, users always have a group of Web services is not applicable, in communication with the applicable not applicable between a bridge made up the blank? Can correct some user evaluation or >


if you make a website for what? Advertising, personal log? Academic discussion? Other? Relatively, the website is designed to achieve the original intention of the owners according to the ideas to the development of the concept of garbage station is the definition of asymmetrical visitors have to, like a 90 chase rap trend has strayed into a hair loss prevention website, the latter may he creates a dumpster impression, a lifetime had visited this once, but the relative need to prevent hair loss of users, but continue to visit the grounds that determine whether a site is also garbage station the establishment of

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