How to set up the optimization of long tail keywords mining long tail keywords


This article is to share my

at this time and did not see what we want "Shanghai dragon Title Optimization", "how to optimize the title" the two long tail keywords, click on the love of Shanghai, see the relevant search results, as shown below:

specific method of

is how to mining the long tail keywords and detailed steps of mining, but in writing before literally, because I was writing a paper is the first to link the fixed guanjianci.html at the end of the article, there are a lot of people say that the search engine can read, some people can not say, Xiao Tan believes search the engine can read Pinyin, because when you fall in love with the sea type "guanjianci" of the three Pinyin, you will find the drop-down bar will appear keywords this three words, so I think it is able to read, but this set there are other reasons, this is a link to promotion, users readers can understand, if you really need to get key knowledge, we use "贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon -wangzhan-youhua/ Ml "this link, the user can understand, it is possible to click in to see, so it is more conducive to the promotion of the chain of

the core keyword "title" optimization, the next step is to open love Shanghai, enter a title search optimization, can see the love of Shanghai has prompted the dropdown search term, as shown below:


first, since it is the long tail keywords, there is a master key, so write can first make a list of web page navigation page keywords or the first in my blog "Shanghai dragon Title Page Title Optimization _ how to optimize _ soft Wen Title Description writing articles for example, (the address is 贵族宝贝 Shanghai, -wangzhan-youhua/biaoti.html). I have now set the navigation page keywords" white hat Shanghai dragon website optimization, website optimization, website optimization Shanghai LongFeng Railway Station, Shanghai dragon "four (Note: the first three, the search volume is very few, behind a search volume to the point," white hat Shanghai dragon website optimization "is my future the trend, so now also add up, of course, it also experienced my site core, Shanghai dragon white hat technology). Here you can see the title of the core Title Optimization, Title Optimization is also included in the station optimization in this category, therefore, give a correct classification is the premise of this article.

at end a little knowledge of the link above, now began to write how to set specific keywords and long tail mining method.


there and we want good.

mining and optimization of long tail keywords

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