Make site optimization strategy in five ways to tell you the answer

2. in addition, the site code must be more concise, JS is called to be less as far as possible, flans is not the best, because these for the search engines is not friendly, not included. So, try not to place around the site. If can not put it as little as possible.

This paper consists of: Two,

now love Shanghai above search webmaster tools, we will find many such sites. You want to know about the latest developments in the search engine, to analyze the latest status of other websites, can use Adsense tools inquires.

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optimization of this industry in the website, to understand how to develop a strategy for optimization. Of course, you want to make a good strategy, we must understand the latest developments in the industry. Website optimization is adjusted with the adjustment of the search engine. For a long time in our work and experience will slowly find some way, and then the method can be used to explore their own according to their own experience, to improve website ranking from the search engines. For the website optimization strategy is simple, can be divided into three points, the author described in detail under these four aspects.

know how to use webmaster tools

five, outside the stationThe

update to write good soft text, improve the user experience. Of course, beauty website is also very important, if your article is very good, your web page looks, or text and background color almost makes people look feel very laborious, your site will reduce the degree of user experience. The author believes that the white background, black font is the best.

link strategy

station is actually the same link promotion, your soft skills. The search engine external chain to determine whether effectively, it will mainly see you outside of the chain if someone clicks, if someone saw you release the chain, these are all search engines based outside the chain of effective judgment.

three, competitor analysis website

, the four station update strategyThe station is 1. points

induction tap 贵族宝贝, reproduced please specify.

, a search engine to understand the latest developments:

believe that every webmaster friends do website optimization, only one objective, their own websites from search engine rankings better. The search engine algorithm for updating the latest search engine you must understand clearly. Like the recent love Shanghai algorithm, updated several times a month, do not know about the latest developments in it, how do you know it was updated. The enemy can, this is the webmaster must do.

search engines at the same time, must go to analyze your competitors use webmaster tools. Then weigh yourself, can be more than a rival site to determine on their own experience.

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