How to survive the rebate network


the love of Shanghai in order to "user experience" and the modified algorithm, kill a large number of "junk" website, especially Taobao customers almost 80% are dead, many owners have been downhearted rebate do not want to continue. And now love Shanghai aftershocks, there are more sites will be buried, because of this, we want to stick to the people in the future is more opportunities and challenges, the survival of the fittest is the natural law, but also the strong ego. So, as a special rebate network sites such as how to love in order to survive in the earthquake in Shanghai, please read this article.




website user experience optimization UEO, its significance is that the website user service principle, interface, function, operation and other elements to improve the website and get the user’s favorite, to improve the flow conversion rate by optimizing the website. Most of the rebate network are attracted by Shanghai dragon traffic, how to retain the first visit to the site visitors! The most attractive is that the ratio of the rebate. The rebate ratio must be controlled within 90%, because the technology costs Taobao alliance to charge 10%, do not do business at a loss. Too high and can’t earn money, too low and no one will use the most ideal rebate ratio should be in 40%-50%, according to my investigation, the rebate site is around 45% rebate ratio. You can also set the rebate for different users, such as ordinary members or just membership rebate ratio can be a little higher, first introduced a guest to say. The second is the website interface, rebate network interface should be simple, do not let the user came in to find the north. The first.

guest content comes too easily, API more powerful than data acquisition, a website on-line is millions of content, eat a lot of fast food will always be a problem. Taobao customers in recent years to the Internet made too much garbage, search engines have been hit, but stronger this time means hard. So, the rebate network to survive in the search engine rules, first solve the problem is the content. The first step we blocked Taobao’s data. This robots.txt can be used to achieve the purpose, the advantage of using robots.txt is not affecting the original have included page, easy to operate. If it is to modify the program or template, had already included page delete naked, may affect the ranking. If you use the program as I can refer to my site robots.txt. The second step is to increase the content of. Have a lot of rebate network program now mature, generally with the system, such as I have the treasure rebate module is very strong. If your program is not the module, I suggest you change a program or the development of this function, because the content is a must. The content. There is also a good advertising alliance can earn money, I hung the love of Shanghai alliance advertising, IP at around 3000, you can earn 30 yuan a day, a month can offset the cost of the server.

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