How to increase the method of novice webmaster site outside the chain

can send the chain site with some key words in the article, and then get a hyperlink, an article had put too much, otherwise when the garbage

!Remember to regularly check the

how to shorten the time, quickly get a good start, small winter this nearly a month of learning Shanghai Longfeng promotion, to suggest the following

place to send the chain very much, the weight is good (see PR). For example, Shanghai dragon Why forum, a push, WordPress Chinese Forum (this time seems unstable), Ruili forum, Tianya forum, and Sohu, Sina, NetEase (guest included slower), love Shanghai space, can also go to some classified information network, such as network people, 58 city and Ganji etc..


can simply view some information such as the Shanghai dragon, collected, PR value, Links, simulation spiders crawl and so on, can rely on the information to determine whether it is worth to exchange his website

exchange Links when it is best for the same type of website, for example, you write computer technology, then with the technical type of site exchange, thus improve the weight faster, of course is not to say that is not the same type cannot be changed, their flexible point on the line. See the other side of the website of Shanghai Longfeng comprehensive information can use Adsense tools, small winter recommended Chinaz webmaster tools

There is a

exchange link is valid, some malicious webmaster day with you tomorrow is deleted, for these people firmly do second times.

personally feel that the forum is the best, can also use the BBS signature, some forum set up grade, how many levels can chain (such as the Shanghai dragon Why forum, meets the requirement of college students can chain), can be effective for second days. Customers outside the chain would be prepared, because half will love Shanghai, Google is not included, to wait for a period of time, generally it is 1 months, NetEase is to take 2 months. Classification information network is characteristic of information is almost every day in the update, so the spider climbed up very frequently, good luck for 4 hours can be effective, but the not too obvious is AD, easy to be deleted.

is a painful thing for the new station exchange Links, because not included, no one is willing to exchange with you, this depends on your tongue. (you can also spend money to buy high PR value link).

2, Links exchange,

built the site in Google, fell in love with the sea to get a good ranking is an impossible thing to have sex, unless Shanghai auction, noble baby AdWords. Of course this small winter do not talk about the struggle to spend money to engage in the ranking of the thing, that’s not necessary, at least for me this guest is

1, the hair of the chain,

method is the most effective and most convenient.


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