Love to share the latest data algorithm and thinking of Shanghai

two, click on the ranking algorithm is implicated in

blog, K, this is because many of the original blog, collected over, and are usually just send articles, no attention to the hair of the chain, to attract users in the blog, always think you updated, you can, and some stations do is flow station and they went directly to Bo master program, released a collection of go, lead to excessive when love was reproduced, Shanghai K station, a blogger site implicated.

Hello, Zhu Weikun and share with you a newly discovered data, Shanghai is the best time of grasping has been updated, at 628k station, love Shanghai also more humane, let more users get the best experience. At the same time, also for the webmaster, is to be adjusted in time to grab out.

in order to confirm the data, Zhu Weikun devoted a month’s time in the observation, of course, the data in the 628, a more precise. We can compare the morning and noon, ranking after ranking, such as:

The love of Shanghai

first, in the past, in the webmaster circle has spread, is that night to update the article, love Shanghai spiders to crawl, and grab the data better, faster updates. Or because of this spread, more and more owners, have gradually formed the habit of staying up late at night, and a wide range of update web content.

this is the data for these data illustrate the adjustment, also love Shanghai very humane, take care of health problems concern small owners. That long-term stay up late, in recent years, there have been owners left us. You can see the data previously reported in the news. At the same time, Zhu Weikun will share some views on the adjustment of Shanghai love recently:

, a website content is king

Many of the original

in the love sea K station, we selected the relevant site, Shanghai dragon industry can be seen, the content of the website is really important, is in the original site at the same time, need more to the needs of users, which is a background on the bounce rate, some sites, although not to write original articles, is to copy, but they put the whole page on a web site to do very well, for users to read, or spider crawling, so they are not k station.

with this primer, we can know that now update the content in the early hours of the stationmaster is very much concentrated in one, so that search engine crawling difficulties. The latest adjustment time in the morning between 6 and 7:30. The snapshot updates put out and falling in love with the sea, from before the morning released until at 11 o’clock.



adjustment for many because the collection from the site to do a one-time siege. It is.

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