From the search engine drop right should avoid crisis bottom line optimization

every morning, what is the owners are most concerned about? It is the weight of the website, routinely check the page ranking and website keyword collection. Ranking unchanged or rose, is a good thing, but every day there will be a large number of websites have the right down. What is the reason? In fact, to the settlement is not necessarily reasonable long beyond the rules of search engine "bottom line", so it can hardly be avoided the lead to drop right. And the website optimization, webmaster how to circumvent these bottom line? Many webmaster careless about this, make a binary view summary:
to avoid frequent changes to both the website server, or replace the template or keyword, all will affect the weights of the website. Some people say that the weight of high site search engine will not drop right on the site, the fact is not the case. Website weight is higher, when faced with problems such as the revision of keywords in the search engine, only the smaller effect is not. But even if the high weight of the site also want to avoid frequent revision, even repeatedly revised website weight high will lead to drop right even K station. In this regard, especially the new station in three months so as not to revision of the website, especially the replacement server, because the site itself is simply not what weight at all, frequent revision will only make the website lose all trust".
self-discipline of the healthy development of some owners often say, why hang a few ads will be plucked? This example is not rare. Not the search engine does not allow website advertising, but advertising should have a degree, that is "safe". Many webmaster will hang some fraudulent advertising on the page, so drop right even K station is can hardly be avoided. Strict with oneself, is a basic requirement for search engine evaluation a qualified website.
collection site to avoid saying well as also Xiao Xiao loser, the importance of the content in the search engine also is such a reason. Good content optimization can make the ranking jumped on the same collection of content will make your site fail in a complete mess. Many webmaster want to ask, do other people’s things must be down right? Not so, to reprint reprint, and the acquisition is completely equivalent to the same. Reprint is artificially selective replication of valuable things, and often do not choose the acquisition machine the merits of the acquisition, the two are completely different. So, what should be done to avoid site acquisition, the acquisition rules and so on, is not very optimistic about the author.

some Adsense always in order to attract audience attention, leading to some of the edge flow placed or enlarge the topic in the web site. But everyone knows, it is also a double-edged sword, the search engine every day in a lot of edge topics in inventory, not a good site is defined as "illegal", the "

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