The chain which has several forms

finally a chain of pure text form. It forms the chain and URL, including around shouting and without containing keywords keywords, but the chain effect of pure text are generally not very good, because many URLs only allow such links, and once the accumulation of a large number of words, although the short-term can improve your weight, but from the perspective of Shanghai dragon. This is not the high quality of the chain.

The The second is the

URL link form. This form includes the chain around the keywords and do not contain the keyword. But the chain of this form of URL is can enter, enter your site by clicking on the URL can be compared to the pure text outside the chain, the chain of this form can stimulate the snapshot update and attract spider crawling, but also can effectively improve the overall weight of the site, inadequacy of effective time is longer, not immediate. In addition, the band of URL in the form of soft Wen, the effect is good. If your article is enough to attract users, users are likely to enter into your site through the URL link, this will bring a large number of users.

in general, the chain of the three kinds of different advantages, if only the release of the anchor text link, love Shanghai may think you are cheating, according to the understanding of love Shanghai algorithm, assigned to the homepage of the chain is best not more than 20%, otherwise that cheating is suspected. Therefore, the diversification of hyperlink, and home page links in the combination of the chain is the best way.


chain usually can be summarized into three kinds, one is a pure text form, a URL link, the last one is the anchor text form. These three forms from each have advantages and disadvantages, and usually the webmaster is the most commonly used form of anchor text. Next we will simply look at what the pros and cons of each of these three forms.

was the first US anchor text form, this form is the most love stationmaster friend of one of the most commonly used, because the chain anchor text is the rapid increase in weight of weapon website keyword ranking and website. But this chain with respect to the URL link, it is not big to the snapshot update and crawling significance. This will cause the website not how snapshot is not updated in a timely manner, but the keywords ranking has very good reason.

chain which has several forms? Can be said that the chain of Shanghai dragon role is crucial. A good outside chain construction scheme can help customers improve website ranking at the same time, can greatly improve the site traffic, enhance the conversion rate. It should be the construction of the chain how to do it, may have more Shanghai Longfeng novice do not quite understand, and even some expression of the chain Commissioner for long time can also clear out. Here I will talk about some forms of the chain.

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