How to do e commerce marketing soft Wen

is now doing more and more e-commerce, but there is always a little economic strength of the enterprise or factory, will recruit so 35 shots, to carry out their own e-commerce platform. But now the electronic commerce platform is no longer as the year that the platform, spend a little money, coupled with some online activities / push will attract a large number of users to the consumer.

e-commerce competition now, especially the cost of SEM marketing is getting higher and higher. So many e-commerce companies looking for more effective and more economical way of promotion, such as the fire did not SEO, but SEO is only suitable for the icing on the cake, but not for the timely assistance.

an e-commerce platform launched, the first is to do their own platform and product market positioning and brand positioning. Such as: just won the 2010 best jewelry shopping site, Devine jewelry network, the world’s number one consulting firm in the establishment of the strategic positioning of the company for Devine: spend the same money, buy a bigger diamond. These eleven words mean every word spent twenty thousand yuan, at the same time, d’aveni company bought the domain name, meaning we know everything. Devine for this company, SEM certainly cast a lot, but their marketing never relaxed, because plays an important role in brand building and marketing promotion of enterprise website, because he can use the portal influence to bring the reputation and reputation for the enterprise, has characteristics of easy to be accepted by consumers, is the second SEO SEM, marketing third marketing promotion means.

so, how to do in order to make the marketing of soft text is the most incisive?

1, the form of soft Wen: soft Wen wrote out the news interview is more acceptable to the third party comments.

2, soft soft Wen title content: planning, title to novel, let a person see is full of temptation; products gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory, the function of image writing language popular news to good use of idiomatic vocabulary; reference data and pictures.

3, good at catching the hot spots, the use of the current popular time to do marketing soft.

4, the release frequency of soft, release time, release columns, release number.

5, the release of soft Wen to have a platform targeted, no conditions at least a soft Wen on Monday, a release of more than five platforms, which will affect the spread and coverage of soft wen.

6, current marketing mainly and enterprise reputation and brand communication and weight company website, for enterprise product sales directly influence is limited, this is also a weakness in marketing at present, if it can combine with the marketing effect of SEO promotion, SEM marketing, micro-blog marketing or offline will be better.

more than a few points is to do the promotion of soft marketing indispensable. So an e-commerce team must maintain a soft marketing team root

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