Electronic business platform credibility decline in price fraud or become the norm

Since the

815 price war Jingdong, suning.com and the United States, Kuba platform has been identified as the NDRC price gouging fact, although these three platforms have made a timely apology, but later it always does not appear, the share price fraud, false data business platform has not been what material losses and more from the moral duty, many industry insiders said, the NDRC this thunder punishment, or is a watershed in China’s development of the electricity supplier, is likely to lower the credibility of landslide lane.

electricity supplier sales promotion price fraud penalties related to the law is not perfect

In fact,

related legal penalties for price fraud in our country is still not perfect, in a sense, the merchant to make price promotional card in the past ten years has become the norm, we often often what high streets and back lanes, "blood sale", "shop decoration clearance sale price" slogan can be heard without end, but we all know that only buy the wrong, no wrong to sell, as long as there is business, general business will take the initiative, if the electricity supplier price fraud to enter the judicial process, these offline businesses also need to come into, which caused the main reason for the price fraud legal penalties is relatively weak at present.

So Jingdong

mall Liu Qiangdong said, China’s electricity supplier industry data there are a lot of water, the so-called sales at more than billion as at the battle of Cao Cao claims to have 800 thousand troops, may in fact even 20 to the electricity supplier industry Wandu, data forgery, on the one hand, the relevant laws and regulations are not mature enough. On the other hand for the electronic business platform, but also a good way to gather popularity.

electronic business platform is now a crisis of credibility, business exit tide emerging

although the relevant laws and regulations on business platform price fraud seems to be no good measures of punishment, but the market theory has affected the business platform business, from the latest survey data, people on the business platform of the trust generally showed a downward trend, consumers have to develop new habits before shopping. It is on the Internet for the same product in detail in order to confirm the price, this product is the most affordable price.

In fact,

business platform not only a crisis of confidence in the consumer groups to spread from the business performance, many businesses in order to avoid their own reputation losses, has been seeking exit, in the electronic business platform, Taobao Tmall from last year after the wanton growth of large-scale emergence of the annual launch tide, in the double period, because businesses fight each other business platform, resulting in a decline in the credibility of the entire industry, once again to the outbreak of tide, take the initiative to withdraw from this business, that sounded the alarm for the development of China’s electricity industry.

industry experts said that if the business platform only by fraud, selling fake products to benefit, the sales behavior is undoubtedly a banded behavior, to know the development of electricity industry and.

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