Business promotion was malicious brush jumei com teamed up with Tencent cloud practice anti refresh

the morning of August 7th, launched the "free" zero yuan purchase activities back fans. Rich rewards, immediately attracted a large number of single brush black production personnel attention, once led to the real user can not participate in activities. The United States and the United States team immediately take emergency measures to resume normal activities, but inevitably, some of the incentives to fall into the pockets of brush single gang.

in the replay of events, in order to avoid such incidents from happening again, decided to access cloud Tencent specifically for the research and development of real-time anti brush system, timely identification and clean up malicious account in the registration and activities, to maximize the protection of the interests of real users and fans. and Tencent cloud teamed up to the electricity supplier website against wool party provides a new security solution.

Tencent cloud back against malicious brush

let’s review the whole process of confrontation with the wool party.

August 7th "free" activities start, malicious brush occupies a lot of traffic, the hacker large-scale batch registration small orders, immediately caused the United States attaches great importance to the technical team. CEO Chen Ou first time through micro-blog to explain to the user activity by hacking case.

to ensure that the next promotional activities can be carried out smoothly, security team quickly contact the Tencent to access cloud, timely registration anti brush system, and launched a malicious brush single point contest.


August 10th, the first Tencent cloud through the anti brush model of massive accumulation Tencent business for many years for the United States "free" activities of the historical data and preliminary analysis of off-line verification, the model relies on the multiple dimensions of sentence triad strategies, succeeds in identifying the most malicious account. According to the results and characteristics of Tencent, cloud optimized anti brush model, began to tailor real-time anti brush system.

launched a real-time anti brush system, data feedback, anti brush effect can be continuously optimized, and play a role in the new round of promotional activities, grab coupons. August 25th and 26 days of free delivery of goods in the event of the day, the brush system found a large number of malicious accounts, identification accuracy of nearly 90%.

in order to ensure the interests of users, strict orders to remove malicious account repeat orders, so that the real users can enjoy the United States Feedback in the promotional activities. Thanks to the rapid response of, combined with years of experience in Tencent cloud optimization safety protection and anti brush system capability, the prevention against malicious brush, managed to avoid huge losses. responsible person Luo Heng said, "Tencent in cloud services such as user identification positive response speed for a lot of time for us, let us also malicious brush single issue has more active coping methods." At the same time, he said the current access to the cloud security services Tencent >

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