Valentine’s Day online shopping running another Valentine’s day comes

2.14 per year, this is a traditional western festival. In recent years, the festive atmosphere is becoming increasingly strong, has become a day of mutual affection between lovers. Thus, the couple between the gifts have become a fashion, flowers, chocolate, rings, jewelry and so on. Naturally, businesses will not miss such a good opportunity. In recent years, with the online shopping has become a fashion and lifestyle, more and more people respected. Behind, Valentine’s Day online shopping business brains, a running quietly kicked off.

running behind

reporter found in the survey, the major online businesses as early as a few days before Valentine’s Day 2.14, has officially opened the commercial running". Jingdong in February 10th launched the Valentine’s day brand direct marketing area, which is called flowers, red wine, chocolate, diamonds, crystal, lovers table, adult supplies, sexy lingerie big promotions". Not only that, even the launch of the "mobile phone micro fiction contest lover". Not only Jingdong, the reporter also found other online shopping mall is also unwilling to lag behind. As one of the ICBC partners, ICBC mall Luis early on the eve of Valentine’s Day blessing is called "the gold medal privilege, early spring every day" activities, open the site, found that the active page already hung in the home. The official said, from February 10th to February 28th, the gold medal holders can enjoy the mobile phone 40 percent off, computer 20 percent off, cosmetics, Valentine’s Day is the supreme privilege of 50 percent off". Taobao has also launched its own characteristics, its home page has launched a love encounter, Valentine’s Day gift album, Valentine’s Day confession season, etc.. Reporters found in the survey, not only these stores, the major domestic Internet business as early as the eve of Valentine’s day, it set off a Valentine’s Day spree, Valentine’s Day gift boom. In such a shopping peak, dark station has quietly upgraded.

in recent years, online shopping has become a way of life. Businesses naturally will not miss any festival. The Spring Festival online shopping online shopping, Valentine’s day, spring festival gifts, Valentine’s Day gifts, businesses out of running". So what do consumers think about this?

reporter found in the interview, the public has become accustomed to this way of life, said, not only brings convenience, but also brought benefits." Internet users generally said, when online shopping has become a fashion today, the festival is to promote the business of the public benefits". Valentine’s day, the Spring Festival, I only care about whether I like the product and the appropriate price." White collar Chen said.

Valentine’s day business running just a prelude, the major business of uniform caliber is as long as consumers love". ICBC mall is called "Luis live in some activities, found that consumers really benefit."

Valentine’s day has not yet come. But in this "Valentine’s day running out of time", the public has felt the thick atmosphere of the festival.

Valentine’s Day gifts, as well as the number of running

consistent since businesses call the "Valentine’s day running just a prelude, then behind how much.

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