Cross border big data forum know Chong Yu help business security

June 4, 2016, cross-border + big data forum held in Suzhou. In the event of a business association, cross-border electronic business platform, cross-border electricity supplier services platform, cross-border App Co big data and big data mining companies, big data underlying technology companies, cross-border services companies and investment institutions, everyone on the "cross-border" and "big data" two big topic do share.

2015 is a year of cross-border electricity supplier industry blowout development, according to the General Administration of Customs revealed that in 2015 China’s cross-border e-commerce exports and imports grew by 4.9 times and an increase of 16 times. The data show that in 2015, black five overall turnover increased by nearly 30 times over the same period, an increase of nearly 35 times the amount of orders. Behind these inspiring figures, there are still a variety of problems. KnownSec cloud security senior security consultant Wang Liwei invited to attend the forum, and entitled "big data and business security" speech at the meeting to share.


cross-border electricity supplier, seems to be a newly emerging industry, but still can not get rid of the Internet circles. However, the Internet business security faces technology, business, reputation three risk. The main technical risk account theft, drag library hit the library, logical loopholes, tampering, website information disclosure, DDoS; business is facing the malicious registration, false trading, credit, cash rebates, scalping / marketing activities by brush risk; credit risk include pseudo base, SMS fraud, telephone fraud, phishing sites etc.. Whether from the technical, business or reputation perspective, the above mentioned risks are urgent need to solve the problem." Wang Liwei focuses on global analysis.

at present, the electricity supplier industry platform vulnerability frequency, information disclosure, program logic errors, URL brings security problems have to jump. What is the cause of this problem? Wang Liwei in his speech: "the analysis of the main reasons for these problems is the most secure platform of low maturity, according to the survey data show that did not use the SSL platform as high as 60%, has its own security team platform less than 5%, please the third penetration test platform is less than 15%. We can’t help worrying about such data. Secondly, Internet fraud has become more and more professional, is no longer a one-man warfare, but the deception by professional fraud Gang, they have a professional batch registration software, professional software, professional brush single batch Trojan hacking, professional hackers drag library, professional production of black brokers, means it is the myriads of changes. Counterfeiting, fishing more data show that in 2015 a commonplace talk of an old scholar, counterfeit fraud site electricity supplier accounted for up to 20%, ranked fourth."

KnownSec cloud security platform to zero deployment "and" zero maintenance ", such as defense XSS attacks, SQL injection, scanning, malicious backdoor Trojan and botnet attacks, to avoid downtime due to security incidents, improve the website usability. And be able to speed up Web pages by CDN >

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