Sun millet farmers great truth

sunshine 16:03:11

How much inventory is there on

‘s hand, or ^^^^^

? 16:03:15

I would like to hand out the domain name to dare to buy unless it is hard currency, or do not dare to buy a

sunshine 16:04:21

ha ha do not make a stand in his hand dragged on a year can not stand 16:04:46

yeah, I’m just trying to throw the rice out of


sunshine 16:05:09

In accordance with the principle of good Miduode

arrangement is not to mention advertising events manufacturing rice 16:05:35

yes ah now feel that the good rice will never be extinct key to see how to sell

sunshine 16:06:44

your is a perfect rice

is the premise of the country’s website name can be effectively implemented, prohibit the use of China, China and other gimmicks

sunshine 16:06:52

if really implemented, I would like to buy you this huazhonghr 20W ha ha, which means that it will be more valuable than the Zhonghua China prefix, which is called the current events made 20 meters in the east of the river in the past 20 years ^^^^^^^^^^

sunshine 16:06:58

if you have the ability to buy mom, your name will be skyrocketing

meters 16:07:30

if I became a mother Ali boss, one million do not sell like the Olympic champion like an ordinary rice became the Olympic champion after the appreciation of

sunshine 16:08:56

fixed good rice resources are limited

does not have fixed social factors to produce good rice every day will produce

sunshine 16:13:55

hao123 successfully took 123 of the registered

but the latter is beyond the former because the former in use for reference the independent brand is always the wife of

The latter is only two

in the real copy things, except in a situation that is bigger by Hugh, two real naturally positive 16:15:17


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