The Tao do make million experience sharing


last month income 9900 yuan, many of my friends asked me how to do, one that is too much trouble to write post

to share with you!

do not talk nonsense, straight into the theme…

I first say a generalized class of objective selection, this must be what the resource advantage of friends for their own actual situation to choose, so your conversion rate can reach the highest! Also I always adhere to the "single product line", in the choice of promotion way why? Answer is still the highest conversion rate. Why? Because only a single product is to see what to buy, you can also go to a more accurate selection from the seller, the seller of credit, praise rate, score to identify the most easily traded commodity and put them in the shopping needs higher position


just after all is said and done have a keyword is the conversion rate, the passage is about where the promotion, and the conversion rate is closely linked! Because you have a diesel engine cleaning agent on the QQ website promotion space dress there, a year also pushed out one! I got in a land of inspiration, that is the capital city has a forum, there is often a party and group purchase activities, I helped you about Taobao knowledge, explain how to protect the interests of buyers, and then shopping home page classification of a S8 has brought me a lot of income, why? Is very simple, because that is the shopping needs strong people, and I will not do regular knowledge on the post, for example, I want to promote skin care products, I’ll find a seasonal skin care knowledge, then each section will use a commodity, And then I put the goods alongside immediately buy the words, then add S8 or mom links, such a post down on skincare knowledge, have a more profound understanding and knowledge, but also inevitably shopping. Naturally to your pocket commission to


every morning, do not look at how much money, I earn more than and 800 a day is not very exciting, I remember who said that a person would like to do business is not the same and want to make a lot of money, the success rate is N times higher than the latter, because the former have placed the thoughts in the customer experience and the cause of expansion, the latter has been that I have gained much! Our guest is the same, to analyze what transaction number every day, is to promote what form in what place, good effect on developing! Must continue…… I do this is crazy, as far as possible make full use of limited resources, there are many small details are very important, I will sort out later,


I have said more than once, to do guest must learn to innovate ideas, not a way out of the problem, it should be said that the idea is out! Someone’s footsteps are hard to step things, if it’s early and make, if it’s too late even soup can not drink! I have also keenly aware of… Is… We should pay more attention to this, it can be put on top of mind. Bit by bit is very important!

actually share experience I can only share here

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