Fresh electricity supplier first step to make the product with internet thinking

Internet has such a concept, the one hundred person may have one hundred kinds of Internet based thinking, but not all of them are able to withstand the test, verified after to practice the idea will be reused, more and more successful cases show that the idea of value, and then evolved into a theory, it is the Internet thinking.

at least at this stage, no matter what people are talking about the Internet thinking, more or less will mention the user thinking or is a fan of the economy, which includes basic interactive fans, sense of participation and user experience of three elements. Today, we do not talk about how the Internet thinking, more is to put forward a possibility, and then explore how to apply this kind of user thinking in a field. Provide the basis for the millet and carved sirloin and other cases, if the mobile phone is millet technology products can be directly linked with the Internet products, carved sirloin is just a dish, how to make a dish also have the nature of the Internet or the Internet, this is the real question should be discussed.

since I wrote the article on fresh electricity supplier, a lot of friends in the fresh industry plus me, and to explore how to do the transformation of fresh electricity supplier and the problem. I thought for a long time, people generally think that to solve the problem of distribution is the key, but from the public point of view, buyers do not know your product, you do not know what the product features, you do not know the name of the product, and how to buy your product


went back to the nature of the product, and discuss how to solve a lot of fresh electricity supplier, not from the product itself looks like fresh, carved sirloin, consider how to make a coherent and Internet products and Internet connected products, after the Internet, marketing mode and promotion etc. is no longer a problem.

fresh product information disclosure

said this, the first thought of 2 years ago, the media mentions Ding Lei pig, is the core idea of every pig and pork will be labeled as two-dimensional code, buyers can scan two-dimensional code to know the pig, then the meat on the pig is healthy. Although Ding Lei pig hasn’t put on the market, provides an idea which is at least as fresh industry, where every buyer knows goods, to increase product prices in the market, this method can also be applied to the aquaculture industry, let each a two-dimensional code of livestock and poultry have their own.

in fact, product information disclosure, which is particularly important in the national food safety debate today. It is only posted a two-dimensional code, is the major food safety progress, consumers by scanning the two-dimensional code, understand the commodity breeding, processing and sales information, more reliance on food, also can prevent other malicious goods into the market, to provide protection for public health.

to participate in the development of product

because of the Internet, the way users participate in product development is more simple, users can join the product design group, the product of a variety of meaning

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