Wong Kwong Yu is expected to be released this year the United States had missed the opportunity for

source: China chain

everyone has a hero complex.

Wong Kwong Yu is a national hero, but also the soul of the United states.

is such an ideal infinite expansion of the people, let the capital market, the United States management, staff and fans expect, hope that the return of the king, to regain the world retail industry first "Zhuang bold.

– the husband of a cuckoo and weak woman, also waiting, waiting for her husband to return.

after the market Xilian, she has gone from "mothers" role to become a master of capital operation and retail master, become the new "Gome sea needle set".

she had lamented: "if Wong Kwong Yu had come back one day, I am most pleased that the United States is handed over to him, the electricity supplier is ready!"

but there is still a gap between the ideal and reality.

Wong Kwong Yu has been "remote control" Gome, but outside still can not touch his heart, I do not know after years of prison baptism he, what changes will occur in the thought and style, but I do not know the future in his return to the helm after the United States, where to go to the United states.

but anyway, the pace of his return is getting closer.


The United States for the return of Wong Kwong Yu

no one can see the future how to go before, at least not robust strategy direction error, and force the United States in the future have accumulated valuable cash flow.

times have changed, and Wong Kwong Yu has changed.

an anonymous person who visited Wong Kwong Yu had revealed that in prison, Wong Kwong Yu, the heart is very quiet, he did most of the country is thinking about the strategic issues.

in a special environment, the family is not easy to control billions of assets. Not only need a strong heart, but also the need for precise strategic vision.

the fact that the United States in recent years in the major strategy did not appear big mistakes, unfortunately because of infighting missed the best time to the development of the electricity supplier, but the future of the great imagination, and now Wong Kwong Yu is expected to get rid of difficulties in prison, there he is scheduled to be released in 2015.

news just came out, the U.S. Department of the Zhongguancun capital market China, Sanlian company, Gome listed company’s share price soared three. Obviously, the capital market is looking forward to the return of Wong Kwong Yu.

however, the United States has related news to Wong Kwong Yu said to talk about carefully conceal mentioning.

and China Household Electrical Appliances Association Deputy Secretary General Wu Xianjian on the China chain reporter, said that even if the release of Wong Kwong Yu, the United States will continue the past strategy to stabilize the main.

according to the state of the United States publicly released strategy can be seen, the future of the United States to do is to use the Internet thinking remodeling

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