Jingdong global purchase of the United States on the line to carry the domain name jd hk banner

renamed China (eName.cn) July 21st hearing, prior to April, Jingdong to enable domain name jd.hk on-line platform for cross-border electricity supplier "global purchase". Recently, Jingdong officially launched in New York, Jingdong cross-border electricity supplier business – the United States to buy the world’s Museum, like the sea to buy small partners in the future can be purchased in the u.s..


: Jingdong global purchase page

currently visiting Jingdong global purchase the domain name jd.hk, can be found on the first page of the pavilion hanging on the grand opening of the promotional picture, click the picture after the page Jump to Jingdong USA Pavilion sale.jd.hk page covers wine, toys, clothing, bags, beauty, mother, movement by Chinese consumer favorite American goods.

in recent years, more and more commercial sights in the world to buy this "big cake", in addition to the Jingdong outside the mall, Taobao, Suning, Ctrip earlier has launched a cross-border electricity supplier name. Among them, Taobao and Ctrip enabled or two domain names g.taobao.com and g.ctrip.com.

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